A Rifty Campaign of Extraordinary Magnitude

Session 16 - Appears To Be

The players come across the body of a dying Cyber-Knight. The players stabilize his wounds and heal him.

He came to Russia via a Fade Town (Leprechaun). His goal was to get away from Canada as quickly as he could… for he holds a very important artifact and is being pursued by Mystic Knights for it.

He isn’t sure what the artifact is for, only that some people want it… something about humanity taking the world back. The artifact is called “The Window To Humanity”.

This artifact was conceived by a reclusive Techno-Wizard named Oscar Pettersson. It’s essentially a window into humanity’s technological past, for a user of the Window has the ability to view any Pre-Rifts event in history involving the creation and development of technology.

It was originally built in a small apartment in Lazlo by Pettersson. Once word leaked out about his invention, he was quickly offered many credits by the Mystic Knights for the device. When he refused to sell it, he realized the danger that this device posted so he dismantled it completely, infuriating the Mystic Knights. He paid for that with his life.

His apprentice, a young techno-wizard named Nick Alset, downloaded the plans for the device onto his portable computer and fled Lazlo. He wanted to leave the device in the hands of someone who would protect the secret and turn the invention into a device that can change the world forever – for the better. Eventually, in his travels, he came by a traveling Cyber-Knight named Sir Grumm who swore to bring the design to safety and see to its re-construction.

Sir Grumm began to make his way to the Cyber-Knight headquarters in the American west, but was being pursued by both the Mystic Knights and Coalition forces. Not wanting to lead them to the Cyber-Knight headquarters, he took a different route, hoping to lose them. That lead him to the fadetown of Leprechaun.


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