A Rifty Campaign of Extraordinary Magnitude

Session 17 - Long Day

The sites in the fade town of Lebrechaun, awaiting an emergency/manual fade.

The town fades and conveniently reappears about 60 miles northwest of Lazlo.

The party quickly travels to Lazlo where they are recruited by the city council to undergo an important quest:

Erin Tarn has gone missing and they’re offering a substantial reward (2,000,000 credits) for her safe return.

Another member of the council meets with the party separately and offers 4,000,000 credits for her return to him.

The party Rifts to the city of Kingsdale, MO. While there any encounter a traveling circus who claims to have met Erin Tarn and said she was headed west towards Arzno.


mrbranden mrbranden

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