A Rifty Campaign of Extraordinary Magnitude

Session 19 - What Now???

After destroying the temple and losing one of their own, the party encountered several high-ranked officers of Reid’s Rangers. They explained the bright light in the sky, etc… They are escorted back to Ft Reid, except for Tony who chooses to stay outside the gates.

They are informed that General Xavier Stuart’s army (who was sold Naruni equipment) has been discovered up north and is heading South. The most effective way of stopping him is by destroying the vampire intelligence that created him. This particular intelligence is believed to reside in Tula, outside of Mexico City. Reid wants to destroy Tula.

The party is given a mission: recover pre-Rifts nuclear weapons from an old base on Easter Island. This weapon should be brought to Ford Reid.

To aid them in their quest, the party is given a TW Ley Line tank with which they can use to travel on the ley line directly to Easter Island.

The party leaves their vehicles behind and travel on board the Ley Line tank to Easter Island…


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