A Rifty Campaign of Extraordinary Magnitude

Session 2 - Course Plotted

Course Plotted

Players present: Adam, Sean, Darred

Hunts With Spirits described the surrounding area to the players. The party had decided to not stay with the Native American tribe and instead decided to pursue the path of pursuing technology. Therefore they had two options:
+ There is a city of “modern Indians” 800 miles northwest on the Pacific coast.
+ There is the legend of the Naruni Cache, supposedly in Utah somewhere.

The party decided to pursue the legend of the Naruni Cache, and began their journey South. Their first major landmark, according to Hunts With Spirits, is a small settlement in Utah called Corinne.

Shortly into their journey, they detected a homing beacon on their sensors. They detoured a few miles west and observed a crashed Coalition hovercycle in a small valley. The party moved in closer and were ambushed by four Grigleapers.

Thanks to quick-thinking by the Techno-Wizard, two of the Grigleapers were stuck to the ground in place. The party managed to defeat the other two Grigleapers.

They repaired the Coalition hovercycle and took it with them, then continued south.

About 12 hours out of Corinne, the party made camp. In the middle of the night, they were passed by a Worm Wraith but, fortunately, it kept going.

The next day around noon the party arrived in Corinne and, no surprise, the first place the party went to was the bar saloon. The bar was tended by a man named Jacob Pourer. Shortly after their arrival, another man entered the saloon: a tell man with long blond hair, a rifle on his back, a pistol on one hip, and a sabre on the other. He introduced himself as Sean Kelley, an adventurer/scout of sorts.

The party dropped their damaged armor off at a local blacksmith to be repaired. They are told it will take two days to fix.

Later that night, the party returned to the saloon and make small talk with the bartender and Sean Kelley. Suddenly, a man with a black trench coat walked in, intimidating most people in the saloon. Jack Wrisley was his name, and he sat down near the players. He glared at the psi-stalker and demanded that she pull back her hood. When she refused, he drew his pistol. Eventually, she drew back her hood. Disgusted with how she looked, he insisted that she put the hood back on. She gave Mr. Wrisley an attitude.

So begins the bar fight. But before Mr. Wrisley could deliver what would be a vaporizing shot to the psi-stalker (who was not wearing MD armor- it’s being repaired at the armor smith), the rogue scientist performed a miraculous body flip of the gunslinger. Ultimately, Jack Wrisley decided this fight was not worth it.

On his way out, Jack Wrisley walked over to the Coalition Troops that had previous entered the saloon (sorry, forgot to mention that six Coalition troops marched into the bar and sat at a table) and whispered something to one of the officers, then left the premises.

Paranoid that the Coalition troops would see the repaired Coalition hovercycle, the party took care to hide it behind the Inn they were staying in.

The morning of their departure, they were questioned by one of the the Coalition troops- a colonel- who identified himself as Colonel Robert Shaw. He asked what hostilities the party had experienced in the area, what magical sources they have seen, etc… He then thanked the party for their help went about his business.

The party then went to the blacksmith to pick up their repaired armor. Unfortunately for the party, Jack Wrisley had already paid a visit to the blacksmith. He had intimidated the blacksmith into selling him their armor for a cheap price. The blacksmith ended up selling the party a different, lesser quality armor.

And so the party continued on south…


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