Daehkcid's Agreement

Daehkcid's Agreement


of the
Adventuring Party

This AGREEMENT of DEAL is made as of July 09, 110 P.A. by and between the undersigned Partners.
I. Formation
The undersigned hereby form an agreement.
II. Name
The name of the DEAL shall be Our Special Deal.
The name ADVENTURING PARTY shall be defined as the following:
• 1 x Crazy
• 1 x Glitterboy
• 1 x Techno-Wizard
• 1 x Malvoren
• 1 x Fruit Vendor/Scientist
• 1 x Dogboy
• 1 x Gunslinger
• 1 x obnoxiously large vehicle with cargo
III. Term
The Deal shall begin on July 09, 110 P.A. and shall continue until July 16 of the same year and thereafter from year to year unless earlier terminated as hereinafter provided.
IV. Task
The Adventuring Party shall retrieve the precious deck of cards previous owned by Daehkcid from Ecafkrej. The deck shall be returned in very good to near-mint condition.
V. Payment
As payment for returning the precious deck of cards to Daehkcid, the Adventuring Party will receive safer and shorter passage to the Calgary Rift. “Shorter passage” in this contract is defined as within 2 miles of the aforementioned rift.
VI. Valuation of the Agreement
The current value of the assets of the Agreement, less the current value of the debts and liabilities of the Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “value of the Agreement”) shall be determined at a regularly scheduled date and time (hereinafter referred to as the “valuation date”) preceding the date of each periodic meeting, should this become necessary.
VII. Sharing of Profits and Losses
Net profits and losses of the Adventuring Party are the sole property and responsibility of the Adventuring Party.
VIII. Book of Account
The Book of Account shall be a complete set of accounts, consisting of assets, liabilities, individual Deal accounts, and appropriate revenue and expense accounts. It shall use the double-entry accounting system. Books of Account of the transactions of the Partnership shall be kept and at all times be available and open to inspection and examination by any Adventuring Party.
IX. Alternate Form of Payment
The Adventuring Party may opt for an alternate form of payment for their services if said payment is approved by Daehkcid. Alternate Form of Payment must be within the abilities and reason of Daehkcid.
X. No Compensation
No member of Adventuring Party shall be compensated for services rendered to the Deal, including reimbursement of expenses.
XI. Additional Adventurers
Additional Adventurers may be admitted at any time, so long as the number of additional adventurers does not exceed 3.
XII. Removal of Adventurer
Any member of Adventuring Party may be removed from the deal if in the event of death, undeath, possession, or unintentional incompetence or stupidity. Said removal must be agreed upon by both the Adventuring Party and Daehkcid.
XIII. Voluntary Withdrawal (Partial or Full) of an Adventurer
Any Adventurer may withdraw his or her stake in this Deal. The adventurer making the withdrawal must forfeit his or her most prized possession, living or no, and Daehkcid may take a piece of Adventurer as additional compensation. A “piece of Adventurer” in this agreement may be literal or figurative.
XIV. Death or Incapacity of an Adventurer
In the event of the death or incapacity of an Adventurer, receipt of notice shall be treated as a notice of full withdrawal.
XIV. Failure
Failure to successfully retrieve the precious deck of cards in very good to near mint condition will result in forfeiture of the Techno-Wizards hover cycle and Glitterboy’s Boom gun.
XV. Forbidden Acts
No Adventurer shall:
• Form an alliance with any Shifter, Summoner, or practitioner of magic that controls demons.
• Ally oneself with Ecafkrej or associates thereof for purposes of thwarting this contract.
• Enter the Calgary Rift prior to successful completion of this deal.

This Deal shall be binding upon the signatures of the Daedkcid and the Adventuring Party.
The Adventuring Party have caused this Deal to be executed on the dates indicated below, effective as of the date indicated above.

Adventurer (Name) Adventurer (Signature) Date Signed


Daehkcid's Agreement

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