A Rifty Campaign of Extraordinary Magnitude

Session 16 - Appears To Be

The players come across the body of a dying Cyber-Knight. The players stabilize his wounds and heal him.

He came to Russia via a Fade Town (Leprechaun). His goal was to get away from Canada as quickly as he could… for he holds a very important artifact and is being pursued by Mystic Knights for it.

He isn’t sure what the artifact is for, only that some people want it… something about humanity taking the world back. The artifact is called “The Window To Humanity”.

This artifact was conceived by a reclusive Techno-Wizard named Oscar Pettersson. It’s essentially a window into humanity’s technological past, for a user of the Window has the ability to view any Pre-Rifts event in history involving the creation and development of technology.

It was originally built in a small apartment in Lazlo by Pettersson. Once word leaked out about his invention, he was quickly offered many credits by the Mystic Knights for the device. When he refused to sell it, he realized the danger that this device posted so he dismantled it completely, infuriating the Mystic Knights. He paid for that with his life.

His apprentice, a young techno-wizard named Nick Alset, downloaded the plans for the device onto his portable computer and fled Lazlo. He wanted to leave the device in the hands of someone who would protect the secret and turn the invention into a device that can change the world forever – for the better. Eventually, in his travels, he came by a traveling Cyber-Knight named Sir Grumm who swore to bring the design to safety and see to its re-construction.

Sir Grumm began to make his way to the Cyber-Knight headquarters in the American west, but was being pursued by both the Mystic Knights and Coalition forces. Not wanting to lead them to the Cyber-Knight headquarters, he took a different route, hoping to lose them. That lead him to the fadetown of Leprechaun.

Session 15 - Nivikov Stead

The party finds the residence of Darya Novikov and her brother Oloff.

Some of the players discover some shady/unethical behavior from Darya, but the players complete the transaction.

A lot more happened, including the near-death of the Crazy, but not going to summarize right now.

Session 14 - Town of Buzuluk

The party is en route to Minsk, minding their own business. They detect a blip on their radar off to the right about 1/2 a mile off the beaten path…

The party checks out the blip and discover that it’s a crashed Triax X-2750 Talon. It is slightly damaged, not beyond repair….

The party investigates… the Talon comes alive and attacks the party, albeit clumsily. The pilots are “dead” but animated. The party discovers that the pilots were after a “powerful” pre-Rifts artifact that grants the user enhanced hand/eye coordination and combat skills. It also provides maps to powerful artifacts/weapons.

If the party searches the area, and find they are within 10 miles of a small town called Buzuluk.

Eventually, the party ends up encountering Grigory Mihailov, a local powerful necromancer. After barely defeating him, they pick up the following loot:

  • Platinum sword with diamond-studded hilt (S.D.C. weapon)
  • Various spell books containing information on “Bone Magic”
  • AR-44 “Sledgehammer” Rail Gun
  • G-410C Goldbeam Laser Cannon
  • G-21P Laser Pistol (x3)
  • Various Vibro-blades
  • PS3 with Borderlands 2
  • Various sets of skis
  • Various animal traps
  • 25’ chain (25 M.D.C.)
  • Fishing Rod and Reel
  • Various clothing, including Warlord troop outfits
Session 14 - Halloween Special

This didn’t happen due to cancellation.

Session 13 - The Deal

The players reluctantly turn-around and following the billboard. They find a hut. The Crazy goes in first and meets Daehkcid, a well-dressed “person”. He offers the Crazy a “significant shortcut” to the Calgary Gate. They only need to sign a contract and complete a simple quest… Unfortunately, the fine print on the contract is too small to be read.

The crazy returns to the party with the information.

The party agrees to the quest: return a deck of cards from a rival named Ecafkrej.

They find Ecafkrej and are asked to complete two quests:

  • There’s a family of dinosaurs that have been terrorizing the village. Take care of it.
  • Chess game where the players and pieces are Coalition soldiers (tied up). One PC is the chess player. As each piece is “killed”, the CS troop is taken behind a structure and the sound of gunfire is heard; the trooper is presumably killed. At one point, the player will have to sacrifice one of his own comrades to win the game.

As usual, the players find a way to outsmart the GM, but not before the TW developed a temporary fear of Magic. :)

Session 12 - Demonic Dealings

As the players get within 75 miles of the Calgary Rift, they see a “billboard” that reads:
“Need a shortcut? Turn here!”
An arrow will direct them off their path to the west.

As the players pass by, the bill boards keep repeating.

The eventually get pinned by a swarm of flying demons. During the battle, they lose a beloved party member (Courage, the dogboy).

After the battle, the party is left in a weakened/damaged stage.

Session 11 - Jane's Revenge

The party will encounters their friend Mr. Wrisley. He questions the party regarding the sale of the Naruni Cache. He has lined up potential buyers and is ready to discuss his share of the pay.

When the party does not cooperate, Mr. Wrisley becomes rather upset. He finds out that the party is going to Russia and wants to come along. He explains that he has a connection in Russia and has some personal business he’d like to complete there. He reluctantly offer this information:

“I used to work with a band of … let’s all them followers… as a team, we could pull off some of the most amazing heists. Well, one day we came across this pathetic excuse for a gunman laying out in the middle of the desert. Didn’t look like was from around these parts. Didn’t sound like it either- couldn’t speak a word of American. Sounded like some Euro shit or something. Well, I’ll be honest, I felt a little sorry for him. Besides, and I typically have no respect for cyborg shit, but this guy… had some fine cyborg shit. So I decided to take him in.”
“I got to know him a bit… turns out he’s the kid of some warlord dude. I guess they’re pretty important over there or something. Well, turns out the kid got killed during one of the heists. Body was nearly vaporized. I did manage to save one thing though… a ring he wore on his hand- the biological hand that is. Some sort of family heirloom shit. Told myself I’d try to return it to his family someday. And, if they’re lucky enough, maybe I’d even give them his share of the loot from the heist, seeing how I’m all charitable and stuff.”
“So seeings how you’re headed that way…. Figure I may as well give you hand. You’re gonna need it.”

The warlord Mr. Wrisley refers to is Warlord Igor Seriyev who happens to rule from the city of Minsk.

Session 10 - New Friends and Opportunities

Players have captured and detained wanted fugitives Norman and Alex Woellenburg. The financed underground drug rings and didn’t pay the Chicago Network their protection money.

  • The players have clues that will lead them to an office in the NGR. This office has more clues that can lead them to the supposed resting place of the Arc of the Covenant.
  • Players currently have two bounties in their possession. The bounties need to be brought to MercTown to be claimed.
  • David’s brother Mark is locked up in an Arzno prison. He’s charged with possession of stolen goods and illegal drug distribution. He’s associated with the “El Oculta” Black Market faction. (See: Poor Mark)
  • Logan’s character will be joined the team.
  • Sean’s character receives a note from Eman Machiavelli.

The players meet Machiavelli. They are asked to deliver a large, valuable TW device to Darya Novikov in Russia. More specifically, in Minsk. The party is given several Rift options for getting to Russia. They choose to head towards the Calgary Rifts.

Session 9 - Options

The archaeologist’s notebook contains lots of entries, mostly in German/Euro. They reference the search for a very powerful pre-Rifts artifact.

The archaeologist’s notes are incomplete; the rest of his notes are in his office in the NGR. He is currently being misled; he’s got the right maps, but the wrong starting point; he’s headed for the wrong Mt. Nepo. He’s headed for Utah, but he needs to be headed for Jordan.

The party returns to Arzno where they find Mark, the Glitterboy’s brother, incarcerated. The Glitterboy and Mark have it out, but then later agree that Mark should return home.

The party also decided to bust a party where two known drug dealers were being held. This was, in part, to clear the name of an officer who was dishonored.

The bust didn’t go as smoothly as hoped…

Session 8 - What Do We Do Now

While in the silver mine, the party finds the dying body of an archaeologist named Dirk. He does not live long, and the party finds the following in his backpack:

  • Various notebooks
  • Moab, Utah visitors guide (pre-Rifts)
  • Sony Walkman (with working AA batteries) with Iron Maiden
  • “Pride and Prejudice”
  • 1989 Rand McNally road atlas
  • Superman t-shirt
  • Slinky
  • VHS tape (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”, but the PCs have no way to watch it)
  • Bamboo and silicone basting brush
  • Time magazine dated August 1, 2027 – “Iron Man 12 – Best Movie ever!”
  • Thundercat – Tygra

“A pre-Rifts artifact that is approximately 1.3m x 0.8m x 0.8m, covered in Triax plating. Rings are attached to it for carrying, as hover technology was unavailable at its location. A crown covers it, and it is protected by a force field unit.”

As he is dying, Dirk will mention that the artifact is somewhere on Mt. Nebo and will bring them great power.

Another party enters the cave. Even though the 3rd party was helpful in destroying vampires and Mechanoids, the players are suspicious of their nature… suspects Coalition.


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