A Rifty Campaign of Extraordinary Magnitude

Session 7 - Turn of Events

While investigating Prickly Pear, the party finds various references to Ft. Tombstone, including a map to a silver mine. There are also references to Damien Vigil, the leader of Prickly Pear.

En route to Ft. Tombstone, the party passes through the obliterated town of Contention. Here they find a mine and go in to investigate4. Rather than finding vampires, they find some mechanical creatures with an organic brain.

Session 6 - Investigation

The party investigates the death of Hunts With Spirits. Their investigation leads them to the residence of the two Pipers- a tiny town a few miles outside of Arzno known as Prickly Pear.

This encounter quickly led to combat, including the death an Enthraller named Xeel, two power armor pilots, and several others. The party discovered bite marks on the necks of the humans.

Session 5 - Lots of treasure! Now what??

May 27, 2012 12:00

Players present: Adam, Alban, Dana, Darred, D.J., Sean

Having found the legendary Naruni Cache, the next challenge was clear: what to do with it. The party decided, with the advice of Dr. Zhu and Hunts With Spirits, to load up as much as they could and transport the contents of the cache to the relatively close-by city of Arzno.

Just prior to departure, the Coalition force that they preveiously observed attacking some Naruni left the area, but not before abandoning one of their own wounded: a dog boy. Feeling sympathy for this wounded soldier, Jinn took him under her wing and they let him join the party.

So after some oh-so-stellar tank piloting skills by the Crazy, it’s off to Arzno!

Upon arrival in Arzno, the party checked in their equipment with Arzno Storage and Holding and split up. (Thanks, guys!) Dr. Zhu thanked the party and left. Ultimately, the party ended up finding a shady connection to sell the cache.. they would meet at a bar at 7:00 PM.

Meanwhile, Jinn got her tattoo altered. Buck did some personal research. Most importantly, let us not forget, Quinn decided to buy a lot of delicious fruit!

7:00 comes around…. Quinn and Jinn keep watch outside the bar. Buck sits by himself at the bar listening in. The crazy, David, and the dogboy wait for their “client”. Prior to his arrival, the party agrees on a minimum sell price.

Jinn and Quinn observe some arrive at 7:00 sharp- a hooded figure. He walks into the bar and sits down with the crazy/David/dogboy and pulls back his cloak, revealing elven ears. He introduces himself as Lord Faltennal.

The negotiations were short. Lord Faltennal low-balled on the price and, while apparently talking to a superior outside about the deal, a nicely dressed gentleman walked in to the bar and took his place at the table. He introduced himself as Lance Wilmer, from Gallup, New Mexico. He explained that they are isolationists and are interested in the cache for their own protection. Ultimately, they agreed on a price of 22.2 million credits plus two hover vehicles, one large and one small. They would make the exchange an hour after sunset the following day.

An hour after sunset the next day, they go to the arranged meeting spot, a few miles outside of the city near a cave. Lance Wilmer, along with some people, meet the party and the swap is made. As Lance leaves with their newly acquired treasure, the dogboy notices that they headed off in an unexpected direction.. more southerly than would have been expected for Gallup. But there could have been many reasons for that.

The party returned to Arzno, had a late night doing their own thing, then went to sleep. The next morning they met up minus one person: Hunts With Spirits was nowhere to be found. Turns out he was dead- murdered several hours before on a side road in Arzno. The cause of death: blast from a particle beam cannon from the rear.

The party did some investigation and determined that there were at least three people at the scene of the crime: humanoid, Spanish-speaking. Two ran off in one direction, one ran off in a different direction. Following the trail of the one that ran off alone, they found what could be the murder weapon in a dumpster. None of Hunts With Spirits possessions were taken.

Around this time, the party bumped into an old friend: Sean Kelley. Upon “questioning” him, Sean Kelley convinced the party that he had absolutely nothing to do with any of this. He has even agreed to use his scouting skills to help the party solve the mystery.

Session 4 - On To Moab

May 13, 2012 12:00

Players present: Adam, Darred, D.J.

The players continued southwards towards the Utah/Arizona line. As seems to often be the case, they detected a blip on their radar a mile or so off their path. They go to check it out and they encounter a good-sized hovercraft being piloted by a tall older man and a D-Bee co-pilot. A glitterboy walked alongside them. The older man, Rocky Road, gave the party a hard time but it worked against him. Ultimately, the Glitterboy (played by D.J.) and the co-pilot (Dr. Zhu) ended up tagging along with the PCs.

Dr. Zhu suggested the party check out the remains of a pre-Rifts city that have been somewhat re-built. Reluctantly, the party turned southeast and headed there. During that time they had to cross through a Ley Line. Fun!

They eventually made it to the pre-Rifts city of Moab, UT. Some of it has been rebuilt, and the players visited the local saloon where they were quickly greeted by two “gentlemen”: a short fellow (“Little Bobby”) and a tall fellow (“Big Drew”). The ‘escorted’ the Jinn and Quinn to the back and proceeded to hand-cuff them.

Meanwhile, back in the saloon, D.J.‘s glitterboy gets visited by another fellow- Mr. Wrisley. D.J. excuses himself and goes out back, sees what’s going with Quinn and Jinn, and gets into his Glitterboy suit. Mr. Wrisley meets Little Bobby and Big Drew out front and converses with them. They get into an argument and they draw their weapons.

Suddenly the Glitterboy drops down and points his guns at them. Everyone but Little Bobby lowers their weapons. Little Boy opens fire but to no avail. He fires, but it is powerless against the glitterboy. He then lowers his weapons. Ultimately, with some negotiating on the part of Mr. Wrisley, they let Quinn and Jinn go, and are forced to strip themselves of their weapons and armor.

Meanwhile, the bartender pointed out that Northern Gun appeared to be the area with the Coalition for some sort of “gun show”. They headed north a bit earlier today. The party came across a map of Arches National Park and found a reference to “Three Gossips” on it.

The party traveled to Arches National Park and found the Three Gossips, but observed the Northern Gun/Coalition party in conflict with some Naruni several miles up ahead.

The party discovered that the Three Gossips were holograms and found a cave on top. They went into the cave and found the Naruni Cache! Including a tank. Yay! But no e-clips whatsoever… So now they party is figuring out how to get it out of there…

Session 3 - Ruins of Salt Lake City

Players present: Adam, Sean, Darred, Alban

February 26, 2012

(I’m updating this post three months later so my memory is a little shaky… so this will be brief.)

The party, along with the Hungs With Sprits and the scout Sean Kelley, continued south on their hover cycles when they suddenly picked up something on their sensors a quarter mile off their path. They turned to investigate and observed a human standing in the middle of the desert singing and dancing. Yes, singing and dancing. Long story short, this “crazy” person ended up joining the party.

At one point they made camp, observed a worm wraith pass by in the middle of the night (without incident, miraculously enough), then continued on.

As they approached the outskirts of the ruins of Salt Lake City, the stood over the ruins from atop a cliff face and made camp. During one of the watches, the person on-watch observed a flying mechanism that appeared to observe them, then took off back towards the city.

The next morning the party made their way into the city, the Crazy going one direction and the rest of the party going in another. The Crazy found his way into the remains of a parking garage, following the path of some smoke he observed. He was captured, pretended to be an encyclopedia salesman, and was taken to their leader, Jane Wilson, where he did some fast negotiating.

Later, the rest of the party arrived.

Long story short, the party exchanged repair services in return for some knowledge of the area and safe passage through Salt Lake City. They also received a device that will allow them to communicate with Jane Wilson in the future.

Session 2 - Course Plotted
Course Plotted

Players present: Adam, Sean, Darred

Hunts With Spirits described the surrounding area to the players. The party had decided to not stay with the Native American tribe and instead decided to pursue the path of pursuing technology. Therefore they had two options:
+ There is a city of “modern Indians” 800 miles northwest on the Pacific coast.
+ There is the legend of the Naruni Cache, supposedly in Utah somewhere.

The party decided to pursue the legend of the Naruni Cache, and began their journey South. Their first major landmark, according to Hunts With Spirits, is a small settlement in Utah called Corinne.

Shortly into their journey, they detected a homing beacon on their sensors. They detoured a few miles west and observed a crashed Coalition hovercycle in a small valley. The party moved in closer and were ambushed by four Grigleapers.

Thanks to quick-thinking by the Techno-Wizard, two of the Grigleapers were stuck to the ground in place. The party managed to defeat the other two Grigleapers.

They repaired the Coalition hovercycle and took it with them, then continued south.

About 12 hours out of Corinne, the party made camp. In the middle of the night, they were passed by a Worm Wraith but, fortunately, it kept going.

The next day around noon the party arrived in Corinne and, no surprise, the first place the party went to was the bar saloon. The bar was tended by a man named Jacob Pourer. Shortly after their arrival, another man entered the saloon: a tell man with long blond hair, a rifle on his back, a pistol on one hip, and a sabre on the other. He introduced himself as Sean Kelley, an adventurer/scout of sorts.

The party dropped their damaged armor off at a local blacksmith to be repaired. They are told it will take two days to fix.

Later that night, the party returned to the saloon and make small talk with the bartender and Sean Kelley. Suddenly, a man with a black trench coat walked in, intimidating most people in the saloon. Jack Wrisley was his name, and he sat down near the players. He glared at the psi-stalker and demanded that she pull back her hood. When she refused, he drew his pistol. Eventually, she drew back her hood. Disgusted with how she looked, he insisted that she put the hood back on. She gave Mr. Wrisley an attitude.

So begins the bar fight. But before Mr. Wrisley could deliver what would be a vaporizing shot to the psi-stalker (who was not wearing MD armor- it’s being repaired at the armor smith), the rogue scientist performed a miraculous body flip of the gunslinger. Ultimately, Jack Wrisley decided this fight was not worth it.

On his way out, Jack Wrisley walked over to the Coalition Troops that had previous entered the saloon (sorry, forgot to mention that six Coalition troops marched into the bar and sat at a table) and whispered something to one of the officers, then left the premises.

Paranoid that the Coalition troops would see the repaired Coalition hovercycle, the party took care to hide it behind the Inn they were staying in.

The morning of their departure, they were questioned by one of the the Coalition troops- a colonel- who identified himself as Colonel Robert Shaw. He asked what hostilities the party had experienced in the area, what magical sources they have seen, etc… He then thanked the party for their help went about his business.

The party then went to the blacksmith to pick up their repaired armor. Unfortunately for the party, Jack Wrisley had already paid a visit to the blacksmith. He had intimidated the blacksmith into selling him their armor for a cheap price. The blacksmith ended up selling the party a different, lesser quality armor.

And so the party continued on south…

Session 1 - Campaign Begins
The first adventure

Date: 01/29/2012
Players present: Darred, Ryan, Sean, Adam
GM: Branden

Game date: April 05, 109 P.A.

It’s MercTown, set near present-day Paducah, KY. For one reason or another, several random people their way here. More specifically, they found their way into the Job Market Cafe this Spring morning. A Cyber-Knight, probably weary after months of wandering the land, defending the weak and innocent from untold dangers. A rogue scientist, whose agendas and motivations are his own. Then there’s a techno-wizard, who seems eager to start on his next quest. Lastly, there’s the pale hooded figure that lurks to the side.

Cliff “Fixer” Jones run the cafe and he offered to jobs to the travelers. The first was a simple courier job: rendez-vous with a person 30 miles east of MercTown, pick up the package, then deliver it in town and receive a payment of 30,000 credits. The second option paid 25,000 and was to investigate and deal with a young fire dragon that was in the area tormenting a settlement 75 miles west of MercTown.

The party chose the latter, and proceeded westward. The trip was a bit slow as the CyberKnight insisted on riding his horse. While en route, the Techno Wizard received a call from Fixer indicating that another interested party was en route as well.

Once they arrived at the settlement, they meet with Trevor Rabin, the leader of the settlement. He explains the situation. Turns out the dragon is a little bigger than they thought. The party then goes to the local bar and sits, where they are greeted my a flamboyant man named Jasper. They have a conversation, exchange talk of gizmos, etc…

A short while later, several abrasive people enter the bar: an 8.5 foot tall cyborg, a juicer, and several henchmen, while a person in a power robot suit stood outside. Upon their entrance, Jasper abruptly left the premises.

The party became suspicious of Jasper’s identity and confronted him indirectly. While doing so, the cyborg crowd detected the dragon (Jasper) and began pursuing him. Unbeknownst to them, they were no match for Jasper; they dragon toyed with them. Heat seeking missiles were useless, etc…

The next morning, the party went to Trevor Rabin’s office to attempt to explain the situation; that the dragon would not be returning. They were surprised to see Trevor talking to Jasper in his office, but Jasper went along with it. Trevor gave the party their 25,000 credit reward.

The party began their return to MercTown when they were intercepted by the Cyborg party and the juicer. Combat was about to begin, and the adventurers knew they were no match. Suddenly, a rift opened next to the party (thank you, Jasper), revealing a peaceful looking meadow. Having little choice, the party entered the rift…

… and ended up in a different part of the continent. Very shortly after their arrival, they were approached by a native american on horseback. He greeted them, introduced himself as “Hunts With Spirits”, and took him back to his tribe- in what is present day Pocatello, ID. They met the shaman of the tribe “Speaks With Rock”. He explained that the tribe has been under frequent attack by Black-Winged Monster Men". The Cyber-Knight recalled that they have a weakness to iron.

The Techno-Wizard learned from Hunts With Spirits that there exists some tribes in the relative area that have embraced technology. But these tribes are difficult to find.

Now the party has to figure out what to do with itself… do they stay and help the tribe fight the Black-Winged Monster Men? Do they head back east? Do they hunt for hidden technology-friendly tribes? There are rumors of secret stashes of treasures too… and pre-Rifts ruins that are untouched…


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