A Rifty Campaign of Extraordinary Magnitude

Session 20 - Water, water, everywhere...

The party arrives at Easter Island. They meet with a local Lemurian leader, Wakka Tutum. The party quickly explains why they’re on the island – to retrieve pre-Rifts nuclear weapons. Wakka Tutum expresses concern about this for fear it will cause more harm than good. The party ends up agreeing. Then Wakka Tutum explained:

There are two volcanoes on Easter Island: Rana Roratka and Puakatike. Both are considered active, but neither has erupted in over 200 years. The Lemurian mages have control over the volcanoes and ensure that they will not erupt.
However, one of these mages, Mukki Kehai, has gone missing. Whether he was slain, kidnapped, or gone rogue is unclear. Furthermore, since his absence, one of the volcanoes – Rana Roratka – has seen increased activity. We Lemurians on Easter Island are very concerned, but our investigations and research has not yielded any clues as to Mukki Kehai’s whereabouts. Our suspicion is that the increased volcanic activity is linked to his disappearance.
There’s something else you should know… it has to do with the Mauian Order. They are a small group – a cult – lead by a bitter Lemurian mage named Maui-tikitiki. They have one purpose: eliminate all True Atlanteans and their Chiang-ku dragon mentors.
Maui-tikitiki faults the Atlanteans for all the woes that have fallen upon their civilization and Mother Earth for thousands of years. Mauti-tikitiki is determined to see the Atlanteans and Chiang-ku pay for the crimes against the planet. Pay in blood.
We’ve spent a lot time and resources looking for Mukki Kehai, but have had no success. However, you have something that we do not: a True Atlantean. I don’t mean to label you as bait, but if the Mauian Order is behind this, you may be just what we need to lure them out and figure out what’s going on.

The party decides to investigate, but stops off at the nuclear base first. Oops, where there once was nuclear weapons is now a big hole in the ground. Sucks.

Atop one of the volcano peaks the party observes activity near a volcano on the eastern side of the island. They investigate. Several things go down:

  • Darred and Tony stay behind a bit but are attacked from the air by a Lemurian craft.
  • Alban observes a Horune pirate ship the size of Rhode Island (yes, exaggeration) off the coast and engages it. The ship submerges and gets away.
  • Sean sneaks around to the eastern side of the volcano where he observes a magical illusion covering up an entrance.

The party goes into the base of the volcano and gets the crap kicked out of them by a fusion elementalist who eventually gets away.

The party returns to the Lemurian base to lick their wounds.

Session 19 - What Now???

After destroying the temple and losing one of their own, the party encountered several high-ranked officers of Reid’s Rangers. They explained the bright light in the sky, etc… They are escorted back to Ft Reid, except for Tony who chooses to stay outside the gates.

They are informed that General Xavier Stuart’s army (who was sold Naruni equipment) has been discovered up north and is heading South. The most effective way of stopping him is by destroying the vampire intelligence that created him. This particular intelligence is believed to reside in Tula, outside of Mexico City. Reid wants to destroy Tula.

The party is given a mission: recover pre-Rifts nuclear weapons from an old base on Easter Island. This weapon should be brought to Ford Reid.

To aid them in their quest, the party is given a TW Ley Line tank with which they can use to travel on the ley line directly to Easter Island.

The party leaves their vehicles behind and travel on board the Ley Line tank to Easter Island…

Session 18 - What the Hell Was That?!

The players arrive in Arzno.

While in Arzno, they were hear some suprising/interesting news:

Did you hear??? Some sort of strange light south of the Rio Grande! It was a bright red light that turned several colors finally ending with a brilliant white light – brighter than the sun! – before fading out.

While searching for clues regarding the whereabouts of Erin Tarn, they party hears a lead from some guy, directing the party to an ancient pre-Rifts Mayan temple about 25 miles northwest of Fort Reid.

Along with their newest colleague “Cal”, they follow the trail south into Mexico. While investigating the temple, they are discovered by a new friend (Tony) and an old friend (Hunts With Spirits – resurrected).

As is often the case with this party, things did not go according to plan. The party came under heavy assault with weapons made of a strange material. Adam’s character was killed in the encounter! David (Glitterboy) destroyed the temple with his boom gun and pursued the fleeing dark mage, who succumbed to wounds shortly after being caught.

Session 17 - Long Day

The sites in the fade town of Lebrechaun, awaiting an emergency/manual fade.

The town fades and conveniently reappears about 60 miles northwest of Lazlo.

The party quickly travels to Lazlo where they are recruited by the city council to undergo an important quest:

Erin Tarn has gone missing and they’re offering a substantial reward (2,000,000 credits) for her safe return.

Another member of the council meets with the party separately and offers 4,000,000 credits for her return to him.

The party Rifts to the city of Kingsdale, MO. While there any encounter a traveling circus who claims to have met Erin Tarn and said she was headed west towards Arzno.

Session 16 - Appears To Be

The players come across the body of a dying Cyber-Knight. The players stabilize his wounds and heal him.

He came to Russia via a Fade Town (Leprechaun). His goal was to get away from Canada as quickly as he could… for he holds a very important artifact and is being pursued by Mystic Knights for it.

He isn’t sure what the artifact is for, only that some people want it… something about humanity taking the world back. The artifact is called “The Window To Humanity”.

This artifact was conceived by a reclusive Techno-Wizard named Oscar Pettersson. It’s essentially a window into humanity’s technological past, for a user of the Window has the ability to view any Pre-Rifts event in history involving the creation and development of technology.

It was originally built in a small apartment in Lazlo by Pettersson. Once word leaked out about his invention, he was quickly offered many credits by the Mystic Knights for the device. When he refused to sell it, he realized the danger that this device posted so he dismantled it completely, infuriating the Mystic Knights. He paid for that with his life.

His apprentice, a young techno-wizard named Nick Alset, downloaded the plans for the device onto his portable computer and fled Lazlo. He wanted to leave the device in the hands of someone who would protect the secret and turn the invention into a device that can change the world forever – for the better. Eventually, in his travels, he came by a traveling Cyber-Knight named Sir Grumm who swore to bring the design to safety and see to its re-construction.

Sir Grumm began to make his way to the Cyber-Knight headquarters in the American west, but was being pursued by both the Mystic Knights and Coalition forces. Not wanting to lead them to the Cyber-Knight headquarters, he took a different route, hoping to lose them. That lead him to the fadetown of Leprechaun.

Session 15 - Nivikov Stead

The party finds the residence of Darya Novikov and her brother Oloff.

Some of the players discover some shady/unethical behavior from Darya, but the players complete the transaction.

A lot more happened, including the near-death of the Crazy, but not going to summarize right now.

Session 14 - Town of Buzuluk

The party is en route to Minsk, minding their own business. They detect a blip on their radar off to the right about 1/2 a mile off the beaten path…

The party checks out the blip and discover that it’s a crashed Triax X-2750 Talon. It is slightly damaged, not beyond repair….

The party investigates… the Talon comes alive and attacks the party, albeit clumsily. The pilots are “dead” but animated. The party discovers that the pilots were after a “powerful” pre-Rifts artifact that grants the user enhanced hand/eye coordination and combat skills. It also provides maps to powerful artifacts/weapons.

If the party searches the area, and find they are within 10 miles of a small town called Buzuluk.

Eventually, the party ends up encountering Grigory Mihailov, a local powerful necromancer. After barely defeating him, they pick up the following loot:

  • Platinum sword with diamond-studded hilt (S.D.C. weapon)
  • Various spell books containing information on “Bone Magic”
  • AR-44 “Sledgehammer” Rail Gun
  • G-410C Goldbeam Laser Cannon
  • G-21P Laser Pistol (x3)
  • Various Vibro-blades
  • PS3 with Borderlands 2
  • Various sets of skis
  • Various animal traps
  • 25’ chain (25 M.D.C.)
  • Fishing Rod and Reel
  • Various clothing, including Warlord troop outfits
Session 14 - Halloween Special

This didn’t happen due to cancellation.

Session 13 - The Deal

The players reluctantly turn-around and following the billboard. They find a hut. The Crazy goes in first and meets Daehkcid, a well-dressed “person”. He offers the Crazy a “significant shortcut” to the Calgary Gate. They only need to sign a contract and complete a simple quest… Unfortunately, the fine print on the contract is too small to be read.

The crazy returns to the party with the information.

The party agrees to the quest: return a deck of cards from a rival named Ecafkrej.

They find Ecafkrej and are asked to complete two quests:

  • There’s a family of dinosaurs that have been terrorizing the village. Take care of it.
  • Chess game where the players and pieces are Coalition soldiers (tied up). One PC is the chess player. As each piece is “killed”, the CS troop is taken behind a structure and the sound of gunfire is heard; the trooper is presumably killed. At one point, the player will have to sacrifice one of his own comrades to win the game.

As usual, the players find a way to outsmart the GM, but not before the TW developed a temporary fear of Magic. :)

Session 12 - Demonic Dealings

As the players get within 75 miles of the Calgary Rift, they see a “billboard” that reads:
“Need a shortcut? Turn here!”
An arrow will direct them off their path to the west.

As the players pass by, the bill boards keep repeating.

The eventually get pinned by a swarm of flying demons. During the battle, they lose a beloved party member (Courage, the dogboy).

After the battle, the party is left in a weakened/damaged stage.


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