A Rifty Campaign of Extraordinary Magnitude

Session 1 - Campaign Begins

The first adventure

Date: 01/29/2012
Players present: Darred, Ryan, Sean, Adam
GM: Branden

Game date: April 05, 109 P.A.

It’s MercTown, set near present-day Paducah, KY. For one reason or another, several random people their way here. More specifically, they found their way into the Job Market Cafe this Spring morning. A Cyber-Knight, probably weary after months of wandering the land, defending the weak and innocent from untold dangers. A rogue scientist, whose agendas and motivations are his own. Then there’s a techno-wizard, who seems eager to start on his next quest. Lastly, there’s the pale hooded figure that lurks to the side.

Cliff “Fixer” Jones run the cafe and he offered to jobs to the travelers. The first was a simple courier job: rendez-vous with a person 30 miles east of MercTown, pick up the package, then deliver it in town and receive a payment of 30,000 credits. The second option paid 25,000 and was to investigate and deal with a young fire dragon that was in the area tormenting a settlement 75 miles west of MercTown.

The party chose the latter, and proceeded westward. The trip was a bit slow as the CyberKnight insisted on riding his horse. While en route, the Techno Wizard received a call from Fixer indicating that another interested party was en route as well.

Once they arrived at the settlement, they meet with Trevor Rabin, the leader of the settlement. He explains the situation. Turns out the dragon is a little bigger than they thought. The party then goes to the local bar and sits, where they are greeted my a flamboyant man named Jasper. They have a conversation, exchange talk of gizmos, etc…

A short while later, several abrasive people enter the bar: an 8.5 foot tall cyborg, a juicer, and several henchmen, while a person in a power robot suit stood outside. Upon their entrance, Jasper abruptly left the premises.

The party became suspicious of Jasper’s identity and confronted him indirectly. While doing so, the cyborg crowd detected the dragon (Jasper) and began pursuing him. Unbeknownst to them, they were no match for Jasper; they dragon toyed with them. Heat seeking missiles were useless, etc…

The next morning, the party went to Trevor Rabin’s office to attempt to explain the situation; that the dragon would not be returning. They were surprised to see Trevor talking to Jasper in his office, but Jasper went along with it. Trevor gave the party their 25,000 credit reward.

The party began their return to MercTown when they were intercepted by the Cyborg party and the juicer. Combat was about to begin, and the adventurers knew they were no match. Suddenly, a rift opened next to the party (thank you, Jasper), revealing a peaceful looking meadow. Having little choice, the party entered the rift…

… and ended up in a different part of the continent. Very shortly after their arrival, they were approached by a native american on horseback. He greeted them, introduced himself as “Hunts With Spirits”, and took him back to his tribe- in what is present day Pocatello, ID. They met the shaman of the tribe “Speaks With Rock”. He explained that the tribe has been under frequent attack by Black-Winged Monster Men". The Cyber-Knight recalled that they have a weakness to iron.

The Techno-Wizard learned from Hunts With Spirits that there exists some tribes in the relative area that have embraced technology. But these tribes are difficult to find.

Now the party has to figure out what to do with itself… do they stay and help the tribe fight the Black-Winged Monster Men? Do they head back east? Do they hunt for hidden technology-friendly tribes? There are rumors of secret stashes of treasures too… and pre-Rifts ruins that are untouched…


mrbranden mrbranden

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