A Rifty Campaign of Extraordinary Magnitude

Session 21 - In Pursuit?

The party has discovered that a cache of pre-Rifts nuclear weapons has gone missing on Easter Island. They suspect the nukes are on a Horune pirate ship.

Not sure where to go (because returning to the volcano, for some reason, didn’t seem like a good place to look for clues), the party searches the home of Mukki Kehai, the elemental fusionist. They perform an “Object Read” on a personal item and get an image of an Arms Agreement between Maui-tikitki and some group called the Arkhons.

The party decides not to pursue the pirate ship or Mukki Kehai, and instead returns to Fort Reid to inform Doctor Reid that the nuclear weapons have been stolen.

Doctor Reid was not pleased by this news and insists that the party go after them. To get a lead, Doctor Reid tortures a captive vampire to get information about South America. From this vampire, they learn that the Arkhons reside on the west coast of South America, near the Empire of the Sun.

The party flies to South America aboard a Lemurian transport where they are shot down. They do a controlled crash landing onto a beach. Curious locals approach: from the south are two red robotic/power armored soldiers, from the north are two lightly clad ancient-looking folks. They meet at about the same time and there is a stand-off, each side claiming to be a friend of the party, and the other party is their foe.

A fight ensues and, in the end, it is discovered that the red power armored soldiers are Arkhons, and the ancient-dressed folk are Inca.

The party travels to an Incan city and meet with an ancient Incan demi-god. He explains to the party who the Arkhons are and is concerned that they have obtained (or may be close to obtaining) nuclear weapons. Surely, they will use the nukes against the Inca, who have stood in the way of Arkhon dominance of the continent.

The Incan demi-god says he will send scouts into Arkhon territory to investigate whether they have received the nuclear weapons, or if any Horune pirates have been spotted in the area. The party is anxiously awaiting the scouts’ report…


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